Original Handmade Jewellery featuring beautiful beads & semi-precious stones from all over the world.

Each piece is made by hand especially for you.

The beads range from Venetian style & Crystal to Bohemian lampwork. Many of these handmade beads are trailed, foiled or decorated with goldstone relief.

A Unique Gift for a Special Occasion

For every item of Handmade Jewellery I use semi-precious stones and glass beads from various parts of the world. These include freshwater Pearls, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper and many other stones.
The styles of the beads are Venetian, Bohemian lamp work, foiled, trailed,
lustred, fire polished, mosaic, clusters of Indian silver bells, balls of filigree and other varieties, some decorated by hand using strands of molten glass and goldstone.
 Each piece is presented in a pretty fabric bag tied with ribbon or a small round box with one of my own designs on the lid.

I am constantly striving to find the best components at the most competitive prices

A Brief History of Beads  

The word ‘bead’ or ‘bede’ is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘biddan’ meaning to pray.
Since the earliest times, beads have been used for prayer, adornment and as a form of currency, or to show wealth – hence the name ‘trade beads’. African trade beads are now collected both for their beauty and historical value.

Glass beads are believed to have first appeared around 3000BC and by the time of the Roman Empire, were to be found throughout Europe and the far East.
The Romans perfected certain styles of beads which became highly prized. These were later refined during the Middle Ages by the Venetians who were leaders in the world of glass production. By the 19th Century a huge trade was taking place between Europe, Russia and North America with Africa. Thousands of tons of Venetian, Dutch and Bohemian glass beads were being exchanged for gold, ivory and even slaves.

Today the largest producers of glass beads are India, Czechoslovakia and Japan, though they are still made in Venice on the island of Murano.

TRADE In exchange for gold, ivory, palm oil, land and slaves
PRAYER Rosaries are strings of beads for counting prayers used by Roman Catholics, Hindus’ and Buddhists’.
WEALTH & STATUS Beads were worn to show wealth, especially in some African tribes, who also used them for dowries and to show marital status etc.
ADORNMENT From around the time of the 16th Century beads have been used in various styles of jewellery.

Semi-precious stones include Amethyst, Moonstone, Freshwater Pearls, Tiger eye, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Red Jasper & many others.


handmade beaded jewellery Tricia Clark Designs
Handmade Jewellery from the Heart of the Peak District
Handmade Story Bracelet
handmade beaded jewellery

All the necklaces and bracelets are made carefully using either quality tiger tail or the strongest waxed thread and finished with a silver, brass or gold plated clasp or magnetic fitting.

          Story Bracelet

This special bracelet is accompanied by a gentle story of luck & hope.

A single strand of Rose Quartz hearts with a Freshwater Pearl in the centre. Finished with a silver plated clasp & presented in a box. 

handmade beaded jewellery

Handmade beaded jewellery by Tricia Clark Designs